Collaborative Research Project

From 12th to 19th January, Mr. Cendi Dana, a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh, UK, visited the ORCeNG and conducted analyses in collaboration with Dr. Ohta, Dr. Yano, Dr. Mimura, and Dr. Kuwahara.

This is the second time that Mr. Dana has visited the ORCeNG, and the results of the first collaboration are published in this paper. This time, samples from three deposits in Australia were pretreated in the Center's laboratory, and Re and Os isotope measurements were performed using MC-ICP-MS. After about a week of analysis, we were able to obtain very interesting data related to the formation ages of the deposits. In addition, Dr. Fiona Motswaiso, a researcher at JAMSTEC, visited us during the analysis and learned about our methods.

Personally, I had a hard time communicating in English, but it was a very fruitful week. I am looking forward to seeing our data published in papers.

Moei Yano (Research Scientist)
Moei Yano

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